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Speech in Public Anxiety (SPA) Lab

Do you have a fear of speaking in public? A surprising number of people become anxious at the thought of delivering a speech.

Some students kind this fear keeps them from taking courses or applying for jobs where they might be in a situation where they have to address an audience of any kind.

If your fear of public speaking is so severe that it keeps you from taking certain classes that have a speaking requirement, or from running for elected positions because you are too afraid to give a speech, then the Speech in Public Anxiety Lab course is for you.

This course is a 1 credit S/U class that covers a variety of subjects: the types and causes of CA (communication anxiety), practices various treatment methods to reduce CA, and allows students to present a few speeches to a small audience. This class meets the first five weeks of the Fall and Spring semesters for three hours each week. The classes are small — usually less than 10 students.

If you are interested in taking the Speech in Public Anxiety Lab course, please contact the course Director, Dr. Kim McCall (