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Ambassador Leadership Program

The Dial Center Ambassador Leadership Program is a two-year program designed to provide our minors with a hands-on leadership and service experience. Ambassadors are selected through a competitive application and interview process.

YEAR ONE: Ambassador Apprentice

Ambassador Apprentices develop effective leadership skills, including conflict management, team-building, information dissemination, networking, interviewing, public speaking, material and web development, service leadership, ethics and interpersonal communication in professional contexts. Ambassador Apprentices also learn about the Dial Center’s mission, programs, faculty, courses and clubs, as well as gain experience representing the Center at official events.

YEAR TWO: Ambassador Leader

Ambassador Leaders gain valuable experience in program development, event planning, team management and training by serving as Mentor-Leaders and assisting with training and development of the Ambassador Apprentice classes and workshops. Ambassador Leaders also work closely with faculty/administration and serve as Dial Center representatives at official events.