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Fear of Public Speaking

Research shows that the fear of public speaking is ranked number six of all the fears late adolescents face.

The Dial Center offers UF students several tools for overcoming these fears. 

Research into public speaking anxiety dating back to the 1970’s indicates that the fear of speaking in public is one the highest ranked phobias in adults. The Dial Center offers both immediate assistance and a more in-depth solution to UF students for learning skills that can help battle these fears.

A 2006 study published in Communication Quarterly [T.E. Smith and A. B. Frymier] suggests that students who practice their speeches before an audience both experience less anxiety and score higher points in evaluations of their speeches and presentations.  The Dial Center’s Public Speaking Lab offers anyone in the UF community the opportunity to practice a speech or presentation.  Lab assistants can video speeches and give positive feedback on how to improve a speech.  Check the Dial Center web site for hours and appointment information.

For some people, the fear of speaking in front of even the smallest of audiences is crippling.  For those students, the Dial Center offers a 1-credit class during the first five weeks of the Spring and Fall semesters with Dr. Kim McCall.  The Speech in Public Anxiety Lab course offers students the opportunity to understand the reasons for the anxiety and learn skills to overcome these fears in a small class that is outside the traditional classroom environment.